Zeckgee is a Fakegee who loves to code, draw, and paint. He was originally a clone of Zach until he somehow traveled to Weegee, turning him into Zeckgee. He's best friends with Maymaytro and NourGodly1592, the brother of Tielalleo, and the "son" of Cellot.

He programmed Shupa Malleo Arl Stairs and Shupa Malleo TreeDee Woyrld for Nintendon't and additionally painted for a Weegee school.


When Zacharyz06 was cloning himself, he only sent out one clone into the wild. The wild clone was called Zeck. He had explored throughout the lands and came across universes somehow, but during a mistravel came across Weegee.

At that very moment, Zeck had no idea what to do to get back to regular travels, but he was too late. He then turned into a Fakegee.

He was eventually thrown into a shack, near the abandoned house Maymaytro was in. While attempting to get out, he had the shack land on the ground, giving him a giant splinter once he fell onto the door. Quite a while after, NourGodly1592 took him to the hospital.

Recovering, he had been asked if he wanted to be a lab assistant. He accepted the offer and also became his friend.

Recently, Zeck and his creator, Zach, encountered Anti-Magicent. In exchange for his soul, Anti-Magicent gave Zeckgee perfect speech and demonic powers. Full story: The Anti-Encounter.


He is quite friendly, but if he is angered enough or already angry he is able to summon fake clones of himself that will disappear upon contact. He can additionally fling you away. Recently, he got demonic power from Anti-Magicent, these include telekinesis and fire.


He usually explores the nearest planet he hasn't gone to yet to the last inch. Currently, Zeckgee resides at NourGodly1592's mansion, attempting to keep both the lab and the mansion itself safe.


Zeckgee has created many...

And there are many, many, many others he created...

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