Cave drawing that, according to theory, is supposedly OMEGA

Omega is a Tepig consumed by Anti-Matter. He is extremely powerful and evil. He is rumored to live on Planet Omega (most likely because of the name). No one knows how he looks like, because those who searched for him never returned... There have been hints on how OMEGA actually looks,

and the theory that he's been alive in the Delta-way for centuries. Each time he's asked, Delta always denies Omega's existence.

The Creepy-Crawly war

While Delta and his Army where helping Crafteegee and his army, Delta eventually fought an unusual demon (P.S, Delta was in his Delperior form). Eventually, The Demon almost killed Delperior until Omega stopped the demon, because HE wanted to kill Delta, killing the demon. Afterwards Delperior, Alpha and Beta killed Omega with a giant judgement attack. Omega somehow is still alive to this day...


Supposed colors of OMEGA, according to Beta.

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