Delta is a snivy consumed by dark matter. He currently rules the Delta-way Galaxy.


A Unovanian pokemon trainer named Zach grew up to become the Unovanian Champion, alongside his pokemon partner, Delta. After 2 years, Delta had a child, named Delta Junior. Delta II was now partnered with another trainer called Alex. Alex was stolen by team Plasma that same year, because Delta wasen't strong enough to defend him.

Delta the Snivy (Junior) later saved Alex and another trainer Zain from Team Plazma alongside his former friends. He then lived in Unova and found new friends like Alpha, Beta and Omega, but was eventually shot into space by one of Omega's friends.

Delta wakes up, dizzy, until he sees a strange figure in front of him. "WEEGEE!" it yells. "Ahh! What the hell are yo- wait, WHAT THE HELL?!!?" Delta looks down to his hands and realizes that he is no longer a normal Snivy. "YOU DID THIS" he blames. He was later accepted into the Weegee civilization. After 5 months, a Fakegee named Nukeegee was terrorizing the city where Delta lived. Delta awakened inner power to defeat him.

Delta, a former United 'Gees resident, found an "abandon" galaxy and kept it to his own. He didn't nor doesn't know to this day about the Robloxians. He befriended Univereseegee once Delta found him on Planet Sandwich. He also befriended SANISS in the same area. Once exploring the 2nd found planet, he found the dastardly being, Omega. He didn't fight him, knowing that he wouldn't stand a chance. He decide to reside in the third planet he found, which he renamed Planet Delta. He was Anti-cloned by Anti-Magicent. He also died of Purple Mushroom and became Delta II, later returned back to normal via DA MACHIN. He created an army to defend the Delta way


  • Dark Void
  • Dark Pulse
  • Shadow Claw
  • Leaf Tornado
  • Leviation

He can also become Mega Delta, Delvine and Delperior, and the rest of his forms.


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